3D Design and Renders

Build with Confidence

“I’m having a hard time picturing it”

We used to hear this statement all too frequently from building clients.  This is a big problem: your home or cottage is often one of the largest investments you will ever make–You should know what you’re paying for!

Our 3D design services are aimed at instilling confidence in both clients and builders so that all parties can move forward without any anxiety about whether the finished product is going to meet expectations.

We can create 3D renders from any set of drawings.  Floor plans, still images, as well as full interior and exterior videos are all within our scope of work.  We are also outfitted to create VR-ready material so you or your clients can literally all but walk through their home before breaking ground.

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Floor Plans

Visualize room layouts and finishing selections like flooring and color palettes.  Sometimes adding furniture and color is all it takes to instill confidence in your project.


Choosing a siding color and style has never been easier.  Window placement, deck logistics, and landscaping decisions can all be approached with confidence thanks to our design team’s 3D visualization expertise.


Get a sense of the space before it exists.  Picturing yourself in your new home or cottage is vital to ensuring you or your client’s satisfaction.  


Be there.  Our 3D video renders allow you and your clients to walk in and around your design before breaking ground.

Building with confidence has never been more possible.


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