Why Get a 3D Render of Your Home Plans?

3D rendering is a powerful tool that can help architects, builders, and property owners visualize their designs in the most realistic way possible(aside from building the thing).  It’s also one of our core services! 3D rendering is the process of creating a three-dimensional twin of a blueprint or design using computer software. The image can be viewed in traditional photo format, video format, or even using a virtual reality headset for a true sense of scale.  This makes it easier to understand the design and identify any potential issues before construction begins. Here are some reasons why getting a 3D render of your blueprints made before building is a good idea:

Effective communication tool

3D rendering simplifies communication between the architect, client, and contractor. A photorealistic depiction of a construction plan eliminates (or at least minimizes) the need for technical explanations that may confuse the client. If necessary, an architect can use multiple renders of the same building – each with a different viewing angle – to provide an overall perspective. The visualization helps the client understand the architect’s vision, which gives them confidence when offering input.


3D rendering is a cost-effective way to build effective plans in a short amount of time and with minimal effort. Customers can envision rooms accurately and functionally using the 3D floor plan rendering, which allows for the development and adjustment of designs in a way that avoids surprise costs down the line.

Identify design issues

3D rendering can help identify design issues before construction begins. By creating a 3D model of a building, architects can identify potential issues with the design, such as structural problems or issues with the placement of windows and doors. Contractors and clients can identify if the blueprints match what they envision.

Realistic visualization

3D rendering can create a stunning image of a building based only on construction drawings. 3D rendering improves architectural practices from design conception to construction completion. With the help of a 3D construction rendering company, every builder will reap rewarding benefits worth the effort.

Faster than traditional model making methods

While 3D printers have greatly increased the speed capabilities of creating physical models, they still require a digital 3D model be created first.  To create a physical model without an existing digital model can take incredibly large amounts of time and physical resources.  By comparison, a digital model can be created in a matter of days without using any physical resources.

3D rendering is an essential tool for architects, builders, and property owners. It can help identify design issues, create realistic visualizations, and provide an effective communication tool between the architect, client, and contractor. It is a cost-effective way to build effective plans in a short amount of time and with minimal effort. We recommend all our clients get a 3D render of their blueprints before building.  Learn more about our 3D rendering services here or contact our office to start building with confidence!

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